Everyone Lives Downstream, 2004
Greenaway Art Gallery / GAGPROJECTS, Adelaide, Australia

James Darling & Lesley Forwood, Everyone Lives Downstream, 2004

Artist Statement

It was soon after beginning a journey through the jungle of Sarawak in June 2004 that I saw a large sign on the entrance to a water treatment plant: everyone lives downstream.

A simple and pertinent statement for the people of Sarawak, for the island of Borneo, for the island of Australia, for the people of the world.

What is being passed on to us and what we pass on to others.

James Darling, November 2004

“Landscapes are social constructs. People define landscapes by their activities and through cultural expression. We can have the landscapes we want, or we can endure the landscapes we let happen”

Anne Hamblin, Visions of Future Landscapes
1999 Fenner Conference on the Environment
Aust. Academy of Science, Canberra, ACT


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