Sign of the Times, 2014
Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

James Darling & Lesley Forwood, International radiation sign, 2014, 5.24 tonnes Mallee roots and 113 kilos of daruma rice, 0.75 x 5.4 x 5.6 m, at Hugo Michell Gallery

Artist Statement

Radiation is a universal and evolutionary presence.
It can kill and it can cure.
Radiation alerts us to the paradoxical world in which we live.
Human use of radiation is inevitably a calculated risk.
As dependence on technology escalates, the risks increase.
Understanding those risks is a personal and political imperative.

James Darling, 2014

SIGN OF THE TIMES was dedicated to Rhonda Kellock (1962 – 2014)

Copyright acknowledgments for Fukushima images:

The Daily Mail UK
The New York Times
Forbes Media
The Telegraph UK
Metro Newspaper UK
The Wall Street Journal
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With Thanks:

Damien Harrison
Installation Assistant

Atticus Barstow
Sound Technician

Dr Phuong Tran
The Tennyson Centre

Jo Nisdoli
The Tennyson Centre

Staff of the Radiotherapy Department
The Tennyson Centre